Vic Firth - BJR - Jazz Rake - 4" Bristle

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Vic Firth -Jazz Rake - BJR
Series: Brushes

Usage:  A retractable plastic brush that features thin flexible bristles for fusion and jazz.

Softer Than Traditional Brushes

If metal brushes are too loud or aggressive for your sets, Sweetwater percussionists suggest giving Vic Firth Jazz Rakes a go. These retractable brushes feature thin plastic bristles for a smooth, nuanced response and subdued volume. The bristles have good flex and a tight spread for swirling, and when you're done, they tuck neatly back into their sheaths for a compact pair you can throw in the front pocket of your cymbal bag. Vic Firth Jazz Rakes are a must-try for jazz ballad recordings and quiet acoustic gigs.

 Vic Firth Jazz Rake Brushes Features:

  • Plastic bristles are softer and less aggressive than metal
  • Smoother, less immediate cymbal response
  • Great for quiet gigs and acoustic accompaniment
  • Flex and spread for swirling
  • Tip Material: Plastic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 0.605" 
  • Bristle Spread - 4"
  • Sold as a pair
  • Manufacture Part Number: BJR

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