Sell Your Merchandise through Dogpatch Music

Your fans are your biggest brand advocates. Utilize your music and merchandise to connect with your fanbase and increase your income.

What We Offer
At Dogpatch Music, we provide a platform for musicians to sell their merchandise both in-store and online. Whether it's t-shirts, snapback hats, or stickers, we'll help you reach your fans wherever they are. Physical merchandise sales are on the rise, making it a valuable addition to your revenue streams.

Expand Your Sales Channels
Diversify your revenue streams by adding another sales channel through Dogpatch Music. While music record sales decline, live concerts and band merchandise sales are thriving. We'll ensure that your brand remains safe and that your products are delivered to your fans as expected.

Payment Options
We accept various forms of payment, including cards like B-Kas and cash. All inventory and sales made in-store and online will be meticulously recorded to ensure transparency and accuracy.

Merchandise Display
Where you sell is just as important as what you sell. We'll prominently display your merchandise both on our website and in-store, ensuring that it catches the eye of potential buyers. Our organized and eye-catching displays will showcase your products effectively.

Inventory and Storage
Inventory and storage solutions will be tailored to your specific expectations and the size/type of your merchandise. We'll discuss and finalize these details to meet your needs.

Commissions and Payments
We recommend starting with a pilot program to test the process and iron out logistics. This trial period allows both parties to ensure profitability and smooth operations. Payments will be made monthly or bi-weekly, and detailed reports on all items sold will be provided. Let's work together to boost your merchandise sales and connect with your fanbase on a whole new level.