Universities, Schools & Music Programs 

Dogpatch believes that Music as Education is a path to a life-long learning, self discovery and culture preservation. Music enables young and old to develop a healthy social environment and sharpen their cognitive skills. 

We are happy to work with Music Schools, Universities, Lower Education or any legitimate institution registered as Music Institution that provides regular Music Classes and has adequate facilities to teach students 1:1 as well as group classes in a safe and secure environment.

Why Partner with us?

  1. We import and source quality products from brands/manufacturers world wide,  ranging from guitars, violins, keyboards and accessories.
  2. All our instruments are sourced legally and are imported legally into the country.
  3. We can suggest several products based on your student's income and will provide provide yearly/renewable contracts for repair/maintenance as well.
Any student regardless of age/gender will receive:
  1. Discount on Instruments & Repair Services
  2. Discount on Method Books & Accessories
  3. Payment plans to meet your budget and needs.
  4. Test and Try before your Buy - we highly recommend that you come in the store to test, feel, play the instrument that you wish to have.
  5. For Schools & Institutions we can bring/deliver samples to your location.

 What Instrument Prices Should You Expect?

  • Acoustic Guitars  - can range from 15K - 25K BDT as a solid starter, we do carry more expensive guitars if needed
  • Violins - quality tone for a violin will range at a minimum of 40- 50K BDT - including bow and case.
  • Keyboards and Pianos - we currently provide Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos - range can vary from 30K to 1, 2 LACs or more.