Music education is a path to a life-long learning, self discovery and culture preservation. Music as Education enables young and old to develop a healthy social environment and sharpen their cognitive skills. 

Key Benefits of Learning Music:

  1. Improves recall and retention of verbal information
  2. Highly improves math achievement through pattern recognition
  3. Develops creativity in arts and sciences
  4. Boosts reading and language comprehension skills.
  5. Increases increases mental focus and co-ordination. 

Dogpatch Music for Education in Partnership with Arpeggio Music School located in Chattogram

What we can provide:

  1. Discount on Instruments & Repair Services
  2. Discount on Method Books & Accessories
  3. Payment plans to meet your budget and needs.
  4. Test and Try before your Buy - we highly recommend that you come in the store to test, feel, play the instrument that you wish to have.
  5. For Schools & Institutions we can bring/deliver samples to your location. 

Advices for the beginner/ first- time buyer:

  1. Do not rush into buying.
  2. Do research - enough information is available on-line so please research, research. Look for professional blogs, international reviews, magazine reviews, YouTube Reviews, etc.  Do not  buy guitar X because your friend has it, or any instrument for that matter. This is personal.
  3. For beginners: questions to ask yourself - How much time will I dedicate? Do I need a teacher? What genre of music do I want to learn, play? This will influence which type of instrument you will want to purchase.
  4. Do not buy cheap: Buy cheap and you will buy x2, x3 times a guitar until you find one with a good tone and body style or you will have given up entirely. The worst thing you can do is to learn music on a poor quality instrument such as intonation and sound which combined will quickly derail your playing and hearing abilities.


  • We source quality instruments world wide. Since 2020 manufacturers and brands had to increase their prices due to C19 backlog and lack of people and material resources.
  • We recommend that you budget anywhere between 17K - 25K BDT for an acoustic guitar that will last you a lifetime of playing.
  • For Violins we cannot recommend anything less than 50K BDT, this will include the case, the Violins and the bow.
  • Keyboards and play along keyboards will soon be available at Dogpatch Music in 2022. Come back soon.