What is My Shipping Cost?

Shipping cost varies by item weight, width, size and handling requirements. If the item is considered large we will provide a quote prior to shipping and obtain your authorization.

We ship from our warehouse location. Our team of shales consultants will be able to give you an approximate cost of shipping for your items. your lead time will be advised by your Dogpatch Music Sales Consultant. If you have not received a lead time from us, please send us email and do call us direct at International +880 1732 959 934  and Domestic 1732 959 93.

Do you ship to Dhaka or anywhere in Bangladesh?

Yes, we do ship to Dhaka or any other district/city within Bangladesh by Private Courier. We have a trusted shipping partner.


Which Shipping Company do you use?

We use various couriers’ services to ensure you receive the best freight service possible.

  • The Main Courier that we used to serve all of Bangladesh.

  • We use Bangladesh Postal Services for small items.

  • Domestic XXXXXX

    Where is My Order shipped From?

    Chittagong from Dogpatch Music Store or from our shipping/freight agency in Dhaka. If you've have further questions in regards to shipping and delivery please feel free to contact us at info@dogpatchmusic.com, mohammad@dogpatchmusic.com or call us direct at  International +880 1732 959 934  and Domestic 1732 959 934.


    Do You Ship Outside of Bangladesh?

    Shipping Europe, US or EMEA is cost prohibitive to all parties. We cannot ship and deliver outside of our region, the logistics of doing so would make this an unpleasant overall experience if you consider the total cost of shipping, local taxes and customs. Additionally, the lack of reliability, high cost and poor package handling from DHL, FedEx and other international carriers within Bangladesh is the main reason why do we not ship internationally.