What if there is a problem with my order?

Items Purchased On-Line & Shipped by Dogpatch Courier.

  • If there's a problem with your order, the first thing to do is call us Immediately at 0117 329 59 934 and our Customer Care will take care of you.

  • If the product was damaged during transit – please take pictures and send immediately to sales@dogpatchmusic.com and mohammad@dogpatchmusic.com.

      I have Received Incorrect Product(s). What's Next?

      That's no good - we'll work with you to rectify the issue. If you have received the incorrect product, we will have the right product sent to you promptly. To return the incorrect product, we will send you shipping documents to attach to the carton and will arrange for our courier to collect the package at a time that suits you. For non-rural areas, we can arrange collections from a residential or business address. For rural areas, we may request you to drop the package off to the local shipping company.


      Products/Items Have Been Damaged in Transit. What's Next?

      Here is what you can do immediately:

      • Please notify your delivery driver upon receipt, ensuring they record it then contact us within 48 hours of delivery.

      • We will need a description of the damages and pictures of the damaged items/packaging. This information is very helpful to us in assessing how we package our orders and helps prevent similar problems in the future. Replacements will be promptly arranged with Customer Care team.

      • Please note: If the damages are not reported within 48 hours of delivery, you will be liable for the replacement costs.


      What if I receive a defective product?

      • If you believe you've received a defective product, contact us Immediately at 0117 329 59 934 and speak with our Customer Care/Support specialist.


      • You have 48 Hours to contact us if an item has been damaged after receiving the items – i.e. holes, broken fret, missing parts, etc.

      • You may have used the instrument for a week or so or a few days and noticed something was “off” – call us and we will assess the problem and work with you to resolve this either via tuning, exchange, etc. However, you must provide us with enough information for us to understand if this is a “one off” of a defect or not.

      Example of defects:

      If the product has a defect that you noticed, i.e. on a guitar you experience a “buzzing sound” or other non-expected behavior.

      • What you can do to help us verify and validate the defects:

      • Send a detailed description of the current problem(s) or defects you think are not in line with the product specifications.

      • Provide detailed pictures such as zoom on the defect or a complete area of the defect

      • Provide phone recordings when playing the instruments if you can.

      • Take as many relevant pictures you think are necessary in order to isolate and explain the current problem.

      The above information will help us  assess if this warrants a return/exchange or an adjustment.


      What We Do Next
      If we determine the product failed and is under warranty within 20 days of purchase, we will cover shipping costs to replace the unit for you.


      Used Products
      For products purchased as "used" that malfunction or fail and that haven't been abused or misused, the sales are final and may not return these items. We can make repairs at no cost if reasonable. Note that Dogpatch Music will only sell used products that are in working and in “good” to “great condition”

      For any issues or questions or you can send us an email, or  call us directly Domestic 1732 959 934 and at International +880 1732 959 934.