Contact Dogpatch Music if you want to sell your Merchandize On-Line or in our Physical Store. 


TEL: 0117 329 59934


  • You must be a in a performing band, a musician/artist who lives off his wages from touring, performing live or on YouTube (YouTube minimum 40K followers)
  • Music Bands of any genre (Metal, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, etc.)
  • Folk Musician
  • Classical Musician
  • Music Schools Welcome
  • Note: We will not be a substitute for your Warehouse or Storage Depot needs. We want to move and sell your merchandize,

Type of Merchandize Accepted:

  • Band T-Shirts
  • Mugs, Cups, Key Chains, Buttons
  • Head Caps, Bandanas,
  • Please, nothing obscene or political