Tokai ATE162MV VNT "Breezy Sound", Electric Guitar AV Maverick Vibrato. Vintage Natural (VNT)

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Tokai ATE162MV "Breezy Sound", Electric Guitar AV Maverick Vibrato Vintage Natural (VNT)

Contemporary Series

Tokai musical instrument, a long-established guitar manufacturer with a long history of detailed craftsmanship that produces wonderful instruments out of Japan.
Tokai ATE162MV model is equipped with a tremolo unit similar to a telecaster guitar.

Adopting an ash body and rosewood finger plate, it has a thick core and a crisp sound from bass to treble, without hissing or jarring high frequencies, made of wood a wide range of sound make-up is possible from clean to distorted with the sound of a live instrument.

The highly accurate Maverick vibrato unit has a smooth effect and suppresses tuning errors, and the flat finger plate with 22 frets is easy to play, suitable for modern playing methods, and supports various genres without discomfort.



  • BRAND: Tokai
  • SERIES: Contemporary
  • INSTRUMENT: Electric Guitar 
  • SHAPE: Telecaster Body
  • COLOUR: VNT-Vintage Natural
  • DEXTERITY: Right 
  • STRINGS: 6 
  • STRING TYPE: Steel 
  • BODY: Light Ash Three Pieces
  • NECK: Canadian Maple One Piece
  • NECK STYLE: U shape / 22F / R240
  • SCALE LENGTH: 647.70mm or 25'.5"
  • FINGERBOARD: Indian Rosewood or Canadian Maple
  • NUT: Cow Bone (Width:42.0mm)
  • FRETS: 22  Sanko SBB-214(Medium Size) Made in Japan
  • FINISH: Thin-Skin Polyurethane
  • MACHINE HEADS:  Gotoh SD91-05M Lx6
  • BRIDGE:  Maverick Super-Vee Made in USA
  • PICKUPS:  [Tokai Original]F:KTL-2 / R:KTL-4     *Magnet:Alnico 5 (Made In Japan)
  • ELECTRONICS:  Gotoh and Switchcraft
  • CONTROLS: 1V, 1T,3way-SW
  • WIRING: Modern Style 
  • STRINGS: GHS 09-42
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years
  • LENGTH: mm
  • DEPTH: mm
  • UPPER BOUT: mm
  • WAIST: mm
  • LOWER BOUT: mm
  • WEIGHT:   Approximately
  • MANUFACTURE: Made in Japan


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