Sonor Tom Drum Birch wood, Vintage - Force 3000 Series, Black Lacquer w/Gatro Hard Shell Case

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Sonor Tom Drum Birch wood, Vintage - Force 3000 Series, Black Lacquer

Tom Size: 13" x 11" Tom

  • Beautiful original Sonor Force 3000 birch drum kit. Not to be confused with newer Force Series these are original German made series.
  • Considered upper mid-line kit by Sonor standards but equal to many pro kits from other manufacturers. Really in excellent condition with nothing more than a small nick or two.
  • Snare stand is heavy duty and features Sonor quick release lever.
  • Amazing tone and resonance and heavy, solid construction. 
  • Force 3000 drum have a high-quality finish. Three high gloss lacquer finishes and one natural finish are available

From Sonor museum ''The high quality of the Force 3000 sound is the result of a new birch shell construction. The even and durable fiber structure of select plies of birch is the foundation for the drum’s clear resonance and powerful attack.

The drums have a 9-ply, 7.5mm cross-laminated shells (bass drums are 11-ply, 8.5mm) and have traditional Sonor precision 45 degree bearing edges. This combination enables a clear precise tone. The one-piece tubular style lugs have a modern look, and actually relieve shell stress when tension is applied.


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