Laney UK, A Series A-Duo Acoustic Instrument Combo w/120W - 2 x 8 inch Coaxial Woofers

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Laney KU, A Series A-DUO Acoustic Instrument combo with 120W - 2 x 8 inch Coaxial Woofers


Designed and engineered in the UK, the A-DUO provides versatility, portability, and reliability to all levels of acoustic players. An ultra-efficient, dual mono Class D power amplifier plus a pair of 8” custom-designed dual-cone woofers, delivers articulate transparent acoustic sound with both punch and high-end clarity, just like your acoustic instrument. The A-DUO has been designed to adapt to multiple performance situations. Placed on the floor, it has a minimal stage footprint and can even be used as a performance seat. Alternatively, it can be placed on its side feet for tonal variation or mounted on a speaker stand for maximum projection. Whatever the acoustic application the A-DUO is a true performer


  • Onboard Digital Effects – Independent Chorus & Reverb can be set for each of the channels
  • Anti-Feedback control can be engaged and adjusted to eliminate the body resonance feedback often associated with amplified acoustic guitars at high volume levels. To eliminate body resonance feedback, switch the filter in and adjust the anti-feedback control until the body resonation reduces. You should find a “sweet spot on” the control where any feedback present disappears.
  • A Class D output section provides a powerful, lightweight solution to sound reinforcement requirements. Class D amplifiers have the advantage of having a very high-power conversion efficiency and less power dissipated as heat removing the need for large heat sinks which allows them to be lightweight, powerful and very cost effective.
  • Although designed primarily for acoustic guitar the A-DUO is equally at home handling a keyboard or a vocal mic, making the A-DUO ideally suited as a small PA system for party jams or intimate performances.


  • Can be used as a performance seat
  • FX-Loop
  • Closed back cabinet design
  • Studio Quality DI
  • Phantom Power for condenser mics
  • 2 x 8” drivers
  • FS2-MINI sold as accessory
  • 2 Channels
  • 120 Watts



 Laney, UK

Model Number:

A-Duo Acoustic

Product Name:

A Series A-Duo Acoustic Amp Combo


Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin or Violin


3-Band EQ and Shape Control. As a starting point, set the EQ controls to the 0 position.


This dual function switch allows you to select one of four pre-defined EQ curves allowing you to adjust the tonal balance.

Flat: General purpose EQ setting - ideal for floor use.

Bass: An increase in the low frequency content of your audio. Ideal when the A-Duo is pole mounted to compensate for bass loss.

Loud: An increase in both low and high frequencies. Ideal for pole mounted use with added definition.

Vocal: Decreases the number of bass and emphasizes the vocal content. Also ideal for outdoors.


Independently assignable Chorus & Reverb


Combi sockets provide the flexibility to connect either a balanced XLR or unbalanced jack terminated cable.

Set Level control (2) to minimum before connecting a device to the Mic/Line inputs.


Phantom Power (15V non switchable) is available from the XLR Inputs only.


Adjust the Level so the Peak only lights during the very highest peaks of the connected signal.


Engages an EQ circuit to give a brighter, more extended top end and scooped mid to provide more definition.


The amplifier is shipped with a Chorus level of 3.


Use these to independently control the reverb/chorus for channels 1 and 2. The Reverb Level increases progressively as you move the control from 0 to 10.


When the Anti-Feedback control is enabled the A-Duo actively and automatically searches for any signs
of feedback (over multiple frequencies) and eliminates it before becoming a serious problem.


The low frequencies being in phase can cause acoustic feed back problems, to avoid this try operating the phase reversal switch.


Control the overall output level from the loudspeaker, phones, FX Send and D.I. Out.


This mutes CH1 and 2, but not signals connected to AUX IN or FX RETURN. The Power Led will flash when the Mute is enabled.


Play along to your favourite tracks by connecting a MP3 player (or any other line level device) using a stereo 3.5mm jack.


For silent practice or late night playing just connect your favourite headphones to the 3.5mm jack socket.


Gives you the option to route the pre-amp signal through an additional FX unit. This could be in addition to or as an alternative to the onboard FX.


Connect an FS2-Mini (2-way) foot switch and independently control Reverb and Chorus remotely.


This socket provides  a balanced output for direct injection of the amplifier signal into a mixing desk mic input. Using the Source switch, choose if the signal is Pre or Post EQ, FX and Mute

Country of Origin:

Manufactured in China Designed in UK

Item dimensions:

530mm x 265mm x 242mm (HWD)

Carton dimensions:

615mm x 310mm x 285mm (HWD)

Item Weight:


Shipping Weight:

Main Power supply Lead

Shipping Dimensions:


Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):

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