Drumset Book Future Sounds, Contemporary Drumset Concepts

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Future Sounds : A Book of Contemporary Drumset Concepts

by David Garibaldi

ISBN: 0739019112

ISBN13: 9780739019115


At long last, the secrets of Tower of Power drummer David Garibaldi's groundbreaking funk/jazz fusion drumming techniques are presented in this innovative book. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, jazz or funk, you'll learn how to incorporate Garibaldi's contemporary "linear" styles and musical concepts into your playing as you develop your own unique drumset vocabulary. Funk/Jazz techniques are highlighted in chapters on development of the "Two Sound Level" concept, Four-Bar Patterns, Groove Playing and Funk Drumming, followed by a series of challenging exercises which include 15 Groove Studies and 17 Permutation Studies. These techniques are combined with modern musical ideas that will help you build a solid foundation and add finesse to your bag of tricks.

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