Ludwig Acrolite Grey - 5"x14" Aluminum Shell, (8) Lugs, original muffler/tone control and parts

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Ludwig Acrolite Grey - 5" x 14" Aluminum shell (8) Lugs, original muffler/tone control and parts

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Background History on Ludwig

Acrolite. Originally introduced in 1963 as a student drum, the Ludwig Acrolite quickly became the choice of pro players in need of dry, cracking snare tone.

The Ludwig Acrolite Classic snare may have begun as a starter drum, but since its introduction in the early 1960s, its lively, distinctive tone has become legendary. Great for any playing situation, this lightweight snare's seamless, beaded, brushed-aluminum shell yields a penetrating, dry-sounding crack with a resonance and tone that match more expensive models.  Ludwig's  Acrolite Classic is super responsive, regardless of how you hit it. Adorned with Ludwig's iconic Blue/Olive badge, the Ludwig Acrolite Classic is a champion of a snare drum!

Ludwig & Ludwig brothers made the most affordable and versatile snare in the history of drums, these snares were made in the 1000s and are highly thought after on e-Bay, Reverb, etc. If you have one, don't let it go or resell-it if in good condition!  Over the years Ludwig Acrolite Snare came in several colours, however the lugs, butts and colour will vary due to available materials available that year - aluminum grade, steel combination of finishes, etc.


  • 5" x 14" snare drum
  • 8 Lugs
  • Seamless, beaded, brushed-aluminum shell yields a dry, penetrating crack
  • Built in muffler/tone control 
  • 70s Vintage Series
  • Aluminum Hoops
  • 8 Lugs
  • New Aquarian & Remo Heads

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