Dunlop 431-100 TORTEX® TRIANGLE, Guitar Pick 1.0 mm

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431-100    1.0MM

Get the durability and bright, snappy tone of TORTEX® TRIANGLE with a wider gripping surface for greater control.

Made in the USA


First released in 1981, TORTEX® TRIANGLE Picks were originally intended to be a high quality replacement for tortoiseshell. Jim Dunlop’s trail-blazing creation became so much more than that, however, establishing its own identity and becoming the new standard by which all other picks are judged.

Building on the precision, consistency, and color-coded gauge system he introduced with Nylon Picks, Jim resolved to create a pick with a bright and snappy attack, superior memory and durability, and an improved grip. He chose Delrin as his base material and then spent more than a year developing a special treatment process to draw out its full potential. This treatment process is what sets Picks apart from all others, providing their unique grip-enhancing matte surface and aggressive attack. Finally, Jim expanded on his previous picks’ color-coded gauge system to create the bright and timeless palette that has become an industry standard. Because we stick to Jim’s original formula, TORTEX® TRIANGLE  Picks remain the bestselling pick line. Made at the Dunlop HQ in Benicia, California.

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