Pork Pie Snare 7x12, Little Squealer, Black Satin, Maple Birch Shell

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Pork Pie Snare 7x12, Little Squealer, Black Satin, Maple Birch Shell 


A versatile 12x7" snare crafted from maple and birch for a unique tone.

Pork Pie Percussion has been doing things differently since 1987. The Pork Pie Little Squealer snares are no exception to Bill Detamore's track record of unconventional, high-quality drums. 

The Pork Pie Little Squealer Flat Black snare drum, like all other Pork Pie products is made with only the finest materials available today. This shell is an 8-ply 50/50 maple/birch, cross laminated for strength and tonal qualities. Pork Pie Percussion is known worldwide for bearing edges and snare beds. This attention to detail give this snare drum amazing attack and sensitivity.

The painted finish on this snare drum is a Flat Black Lacquer with Chrome Hardware. This finish is a multi-layer finish using the finest paints available today.

This drum will work great as a side snare or a main. You can tune this drum high or low with minimal overtones.

Technical Specifications

 Manufacturer Code: PP7x12LSFB

  • 12x7"
  • 8 lugs
  • 8-ply 50/50 maple birch shell
  • Flat black lacquer with chrome hardware
  • Pork Pie specific bearing edges and snare beds
  • 2.3 mm triple flange hoops
  • High quality brass snare wires
  • Pork Pie throw off and butt plate
  • Remo USA heads

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