Monster® Prolink Performer™ 600™, 600510-00, Combo Amp 1/4" to FastOn Speaker Cable, 3 Feet

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Monster 600510-00 Performer 600 Combo Amplifier Cable, 3 Feet.

Get high-fidelity and clear signal transfers from your speaker system whether recording in the studio or performing live.

Monster's heritage is deeply rooted in music, and for years, the Prolink has been our direct connection to the artists, producers, and engineers that make the music we listen to. Built for the working musician, the Monster Performer 600 Combo Amp Speaker Cable delivers high-quality sound all the time.

Product Description

  • Monster speaker cables are built for the professional musician who wants premium quality.
  • Made with multi-gauge wires in a MultiTwist construction that provides greater clarity and natural tonal balance; the high copper content conductor shields from signal interruptions and reduces noise.
  • The combo amp speaker cables are made with our Duraflex outer jacket, which provides maximum flexibility and protection; it resists wear and tear and is lightweight, so it's easy to manage onstage.
  • Designed with a collet strain relief and quality metal contacts that's rust-resistant and long-lasting; the quick connect terminal and right angle 1/4 inch plug offer a robust and reliable set of combo amp speaker cables.
  • The audio speaker cable is designed to capture your instrument's extended frequency response without losing its natural warmth and delicate overtones.
  • A dense, braided-copper shield rejects noise and interference, and our patented MicroFiber dielectric provides isolation of magnetic fields inside the cable to deliver pure sound clarity.
  • Features Heavy duty shielding for excellent noise reduction; Duraflex jacket offers maximum flexibility and protection;
  • Custom Monster Quick Connect Terminal and Right Angle 1/4" Connections
  • Size: 3 ft.;

Product Key Features

  • Performance -  Speaker cables are built for hi-fi signal transmissions
  • Audio Clarity - MultiTwist construction provides greater clarity and natural tonal balance
  • Interference Shield - High copper content conductor reduces signal interruptions and noise
  • Protective Cover - Made with our Duraflex outer jacket providing maximum flexibility and protection
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty - Covered by Monster's 100% replacement guarantee

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Monster
Item SKU/Model Number 600510-00
UPC Code 7 41835 11303 8
EAN 0 741835 113038
Class P600-SC-3 WW**
Length 3 Feet
Connector Type Righ tAngle
Usage/Devices Combo Amp Speaker Cables
Plug 1/4"
Colour Black
Package Dimensions  7.05 x 6.02 x 1.26 inche
Packaged Weight  1.94 lbs; 0.9 KG
Origin Manufacture China

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