Monster® Prolink Performer™ 600, 600509-00, Speaker Cable, 6 Feet w/SpeakOn Connectors

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Monster Prolink Performer 600 Speaker Cable with Speak,On Connectors, 6ft, Self-Lock Connectors

Item Description

  • Performance - Built with Monster's exclusive Time Correct Windings for deeper bass, and SpeakOn corrosion-resistant connectors
  • Noise Rejection -The multi-gauge wire construction and high-purity copper conductor shields from signal interruptions and reduces noise
  • Durability - The Duraflex outer jacket resists cuts and abrasions and provides lightweight flexibility that makes it easy to manage on stage
  • Self-Lock Connector - Features Monster's custom self-locking twist-lock connector for secure plugging or unplugging even on the road
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty - Covered by Monster's 100% replacement guarantee

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Monster
Item SKU/Model Number 600509-00
UPC Code 741835113021
EAN 0 741835 113021
Class P600-S-6SP WW**
Length 6 Feet
Connector Type


XLR Male to Male

Usage/Devices Speaker Cables
Plug XLR to XLR
Colour Blue
Package Dimensions 6.69 x 6.18 x 2.05 inches
Packaged weight  6.34 Lbs, 2.90 KG
Origin Manufacture China

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