Monster® Prolink Studio Pro 2000, VMP60016, Microphone Cable, 50 ft., Pro & Studio, XLRs

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P2000-M-50 WW-U, Monster Cable Prolink Studio Pro 2000 XLR Female to XLR Male Microphone Cable, 50 Feet

SKU: VMP60016

Manufacturer's Description

As the company's premium line of mic cable, the 50 Feet Monster Cable Prolink Studio Pro 2000 XLR Microphone Cable incorporates carefully designed construction to offer pristine signal transfer for demanding professional and home studio applications. It boasts custom Monster XLR 3-pin male and female connectors with 24kt gold contacts, and it features three Time Correct multigauge wire networks protected by MicroFiber, PEX, and carbon-infused dielectrics. Additionally, there is 95% copper braided shielding and a Duraflex jacket. The result is a highly accurate cable that yields minimal vibration and handling noise while enhancing transient response and maintaining proper high-frequency performance, bass punch, and phase alignment.

Built for Pro Audio

Microphone signals are sensitive and delicate audio connections; even the slightest pickup of hum, static, RF, or electromagnetic interference can wreak havoc. Studio Pro 2000 microphone cables deliver superb vocal and instrument representation.
Time Correct Multigauge Wire Network
Studio Pro 2000 pro-audio microphone cable uses three Time Correct multigauge wire networks for extreme accuracy in imaging, depth, and soundstage, and it's ultra quiet and noise-free.

Advanced Technologies

Studio Pro's goal is to capture and reproduce every detail including the raw essence and intricate beauty of each take. Studio Pro 2000's advanced technologies include a heavy-gauge Bass Control Conductor for tight, punchy bass and incredible dynamics. Patented Time Correct windings create phase-aligned signal for the most natural, pristine sonic reproduction possible. Heavy-gauge copper maximizes power delivery and dynamic range.

Lifetime Warranty

Monster sets the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty. Studio Pro 2000 pro audio microphone cable is covered by their 100% replacement guarantee, so you'll be a Monster for life.

Product Key Features

  • For Professional and Home Studios
  • XLR 3-Pin Male and Female Connectors
  • Custom Monster XLR connections with24kt Gold Contacts
  • Minimal Handling and Vibration Noise
  • Preserves Highs and Improves Transients
  • Time Correct Multigauge Wire Networks
  • Carbon-Infused Polymer Covering
  • MultiTwist Construction
  • 95% Copper Braided Shielding
  • MicroFiber dielectric preserves highs and improves transients
  • Time Correct multigauge wire networks for extreme accuracy
  • Carbon-infused polymer covering minimizes handling and vibration noise
  • Lifetime cable warranty

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Monster
Item SKU/Model Number  VMP60016
UPC Code 741835117418
EAN13 0741835117418
Class SP2000-M-50 WW**
Cable Length 50 Feet
Usage/Devices Microphone Cable, Concert, Studio, Stage Performance
Connector Type

XLR 3-Pin Male and Female Connectors

Connector 1: 1 x XLR 3-Pin Male Straight

Connector 2: 1 x XLR 3-Pin Female Straight

Neutrik Connector

Contact Plating 24 KT Gold
Conductor Material Copper
Number of Conductors 2
Plug XLR -3 Pin M/F
Shielding 95% Copper Braid
Colour Black
Package Dimensions  8.25 x 8 x 2"
Packaged Weight 10.40 lbs, 4.8 KG
Origin Manufacture China

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