Quality Plugs by Rips, Reusable Earplugs, 25dB Removable Cord, made of Silicone. Great for gigs. Sold as a pair

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Reusable Earplugs provides up to 25dB Noise Reduction, best for Live Gigs, Studio & Practice Session.

Product  Typical Usage

  • Construction Work, Motorcycle, Hunting/Shooting with String Hunting Ear Protection 
  • Musicians - Gigs with hold up strings, in the Studio/rehearsals or practices. These will reduce the db level while you can still follow the brands and other instruments around you.

Product Features

  •  Experience superior noise reduction with our reusable ear plugs with cord.
  • Perfect for Shooting, Hunting, Gun Range, Work, Construction, And All Other Loud Activities.
  • Washable and Re-Usable. Earplugs can be washed with basic soap and warm water and re-used multiple times, anywhere from 2 months up to a year.
  • Each pair is sealed in its own plastic bag for good sanitation. They are easy to keep at work, in the car, purse, backpack without getting dirty.
  • Certified Safety & Quality - Rips'  ear plugs have passed stringent CE and ANSI certifications, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards.
  • Removable Cord  - Remove the string before sleeping with them and insert it back before going to work. Fabric cord ensures they do not stick to your skin or hair while you move around

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Rips
  • SKU: BD16922
  • Product Name: Quality Plugs
  • Sold as a pair
  •  Noise Reduction - rated NRR 25db
  • Cord Length: Approx. 25 inches. NRR: 25dB/SNR: 28dB.

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