The First 100 Guitar Exercises for Beginners: Beginner Exercises for Guitar that Improve Technique and Accelerate Development

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The First 100 Guitar Exercises for Beginners: Beginner Exercises for Guitar that Improve Technique and Accelerate Development (Essential Guitar Methods) Paperback – March 15, 2019


With over 500,000 guitar method books sold, Fundamental Changes has created the ultimate course of guitar exercises for beginners.

The First 100 Guitar Exercises for Beginners is the quickest way to gain technique, control, strength, stamina and speed on the guitar.

Unlike some books that take a “technical drill” approach, this book gets you playing real music right away. Why practise boring exercise you’ll never want to play again? Here is a method that combines learning the technique of the guitar with the fun of playing music.

  • Do you want to build your guitar picking, legato, strength, stamina, chord changes and speed?
  • Do you want to avoid the bad habits that many self-taught beginners pick up?

Learn the fundamental skills of guitar playing, from actual professional guitarists

There are plenty of “teachers” out there whose lessons actually hold you back. Guitar Exercises for Beginners combines the favorite exercises of all the Fundamental Changes teachers. With over 100 guitar method guides, and over 300 years combined experience in teaching guitar, you know you’re getting the best tuition money can buy.

You’ll learn the following skills:

  • Effective fretting, technique and seamless left-hand / right-hand coordination
  • Pick control, speed and fluency
  • The correct way to finger pick, along with some beautiful picking patterns
  • How to actually strum and change chords, so you play the right rhythm – every time
  • Bending accurately and in tune, all over the neck
  • Essential scales and melodic patterns you can use to solo – right away
  • Speed and finger strength building exercises
  • Drills to nail your hammer-ons and pull-offs

Quickly move from beginner to more advanced skills

The First 100 Guitar Exercises for Beginners is a layered, proven method that allows beginner guitarists to make rapid and musical progress on guitar. Once you’ve learnt the fundamental skills of how to play guitar, you will quickly move on to more advanced skills and begin to get creative. Learn,

  • The Minor Pentatonic scale – the basis of all blues and rock music
  • Musical-sounding major scale exercises
  • How to navigate your way around the fretboard
  • How to slide in and out of notes
  • How to bend notes like your favourite guitar players
  • More advanced techniques, such as hammer-ons and pull-offs

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Series: Essentials Guitar Methods (3 Books)

 Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettinglae

Publications Date:  March 15, 2019
Format Paperback
ISBN 10: 178933022X
ISBN 13: 978-1789330229
Width 8.5"
Length:  11.0"
Page Length:

91 Pages

Weight: 8.3 ounces
Language English
Text-To-Speech: Not Enabled

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