What Is Your Order Shipping & Tracking Process?

Order tracking and  tracking numbers will be provided once the items are picked up from our store by the carrier.
Once your order is confirmed and paid via E-Commerce On-Line Purchasing and you wish to have the products shipped to your destination you will:

  • Contact us directly to provide all necessary shipping information

  • You will be responsible for the shipping cost based on your final destination

  • We will provide you with our valuable shipping sources who can even deliver overnight to any district in Dhaka and vicinity.

  • Once we have packaged and boxed the product safely, we will get a shipping notice and forward this to your attention. All products will be picked up at Dogpatch Music store.


Will I get an Automated Tracking Shipment Number?

  • Yes. You will receive an automated email from the shipping/freight provider as soon as they picked up the item with your tracking link and tracking number. 


How Soon Will I Get a Tracking Number?

  • The tracking link will not appear with the tracking information until your product has been collected by the courier/shipper. This usually happens within the same day or next day.

  • Please note that we do not control the tracking number from the shipper/courier but expect to see se tracking progress within 24 hours of your product being pick up from the store.

  • For orders going overnight with our freight providers –once your order has been dispatched, you will receive your tracking details in an email from our Customer Service team.

  • If there is still no tracking progress showing after 24 hours please call us at International +880 1732 959 934  and Domestic 1732 959 934.


You can send us requests at info@dogpatchmusic.com and inquire about a specific product if you do not see it on our site, we have new items coming based on demand and shipping is dependent upon manufacture parts and material

If you see a product that you like on our site you can:

1) Reserve an item for up to 48 hours by calling us directly

2) Drop by the store to pick up the item.

3) Request to have the item shipped to your destination.
However, we highly recommend that you drop by the store for items such as guitars, drums, ukulele, etc.

4) Request for in-person show – we make regular trips to Dhaka and bring samples to our professional community and non-professional. Please make the request ahead of time so we can plan ahead and bring the item(s) to you.

Due to production, parts and manufacturing delays we are unable to provide accurate dates related to incoming shipments and items.

During “normal conditions” items can be expected to stock within 4-6 weeks. Items shipping directly from Japan and China, Items shipping from Turkey can be within 4 weeks depending on production requests. Items shipping from the US or Europe remains unpredictable due to shipping schedule.

 We  closely monitor the "best sellers" to make sure we order and stock appropriate inventory. Currently production of Electric Guitars from Japan will be BTO only and will take up to 10 -12 months for production and shipping combined.

Going forward we will provide newsletter on incoming items, when physically available in store and keep you informed periodically.

What is your warranty?

We honor the Manufacturer’s  Warranty

  • Tokai Guitars 5 year
  • Acoustic Guitars from any manufacturer 1 year
  • Cymbals 1 year
  • Electronics, Amps, etc. 6 months.

We will require proof of original purchase and will  provide the manufacturer with:

  • Pictures, circumstances and detailed description on the item
  • Recurring description of problem, substantiate with videos and recordings that can further explain the problem, help the teams with troubleshooting.
  • The above only applies if you did not make any crazy modifications on you own.

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