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Tokai Cat's Eyes Acoustic & A/E Guitars Product Line

Tokai Cat's Eyes Acoustic Guitar CE25 - Black Shade

Tokai Cat's Eyes CE25T-Cherry Sunburst

Tokai Cat's Eyes CE25 Acoustic Guitar - Natural

Tokai Cat's Eyes Acoustic Guitar CE62T-EA Cutaway w/Fishman Pickup

Tokai Cat's Eyes Acoustic Guitar CE62-EA Dreadnought w/Fishman Pickup

Tokai Cat's Eyes Acoustic Guitar CE 55T-Koa

HISTORY OF TOKAI GUITAR MANUFACTURER  (you're buying a Fender or Gibson high quality replica)

Tokai Gakki Co., Ltd. (Tokai Musical Instruments) was founded in 1947 and started as a harmonica manufacturer. Over the years, Tokai has produced acoustic, electric and bass guitars including auto harps, and melodicas.  Tokai makes excellent  replica of Gibson and Fender guitar models, Tokai has its own factory in Japan and has designed/build guitars for  famous brands like Fernandes and Fender Japan. Today, Tokai remains the only electric guitar manufacturer in Japan.  t may be interesting to note that Fender Japan used many sub constructors such as Fujigen, Dyna, Tokai, and Terada for their high end models . The JV and E serial were made by Fujigen

For competitive reason and OEM legal agreements, Tokai Guitars cannot be sold direct in the US market, you will find them on the black market or on Amazon, Reverb and e-bay. Tokai has no restrictions on distributing to other markets such as LATAM, APAC, PAN-ASIA, and Europe. Tokai Guitars offer incredible  tone, and user  handling/playing,  their quality is equal or better then Fender and Gibson on their high end guitars, the finish is top notch, each guitar is hand crafted and made in Japan.


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