Soultone Mega Bell Ride Cymbals - All Series

Available Sizes: 24", 22", 21", 20" 

Cymbal Series: Custom, Custom Brilliant, Custom Brilliant RA, Vintage, Extreme, Gospel, Latin, Natural, Heavy Hammered & Explosion.

PRE-ORDER SERVICES: 4-5 Weeks in Dhaka Direct from Turkey

  • Please review the various Soultone Cymbal Series and call  us directly at the store to o place an order.

  • We need the Product Series, Cymbal Name/Type and Size and quantity.

  • You can order any cymbals across any of Soultone Cymbal Series. 

  • Since we consolidate orders we will let you know the lead time.

  • Nothing is fake, directly, we order directly from from the manufacturer.