Repair, Parts & Maintenance Services

Our Repair Clinic Provides the  Following Services

Musical instrument guitar repair and ser

Strings Replacement

  • Change strings, restring partial or all

  • Complete 22 point setups

  • Tuning, alignment

  • Action & Rod Adjustments

Starting at 500 BDT

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Guitar on guitar repair desk. Vintage el

Fret Repair

  • If we need to we may order parts to perform:

  • A Refret, a Fret Leveling

  • Change Crown

  • Polish & Protect

Price based upon level of effort & parts required

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Sunburst electric guitar on guitar repai

Parts & Electronics Upgrade/Replace

Parts replacement, electronic upgrade or customization will be evaluated when you bring your instrument on site. We will do our best to find vintage and original parts for your gear. 

Pricing will be based on the parts ordered, shipping, costs manufacturer parts availability and level of efforts

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