Pork Pie Drum Kit Hip Pig Series, 4 Pieces including Snare, 22" Kick Bass Drum-Drum cases included

Sale priceTk 145,000


Pork Pie Drum Kit  Hip Pig Series, 4 Pieces including Snare

  • Kit Shell: Taiwan
  • Hardware: California, USA
  • Assembly &  Mount: California, USA
  • Finish, Colour, Tuning, Assembly & Design: California, USA

Drum Kit  Configuration:

  • 4 Pieces Hip Pig Drum Set
  • Colour: Blue Silver, Blue Duco Finish,  NYATOH SHELLS 
  • (1)  9"x13"  Tom Tom
  • (1) 16"x16" Floor Tom
  • (1) 14"x22 Kick/Bass Drum
  • (1) 6.5"x14" Snare
  • Hardware Mount Finish and Hardware Legs included in kit
  • Hard Shell Gator cases included with each drum. 

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