Pork Pie Percussion 7"x14" Walnut Fade Snare Drum,

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Pork Pie Percussion 7"x14" Walnut Fade Snare Drum, w/soft Case

Manufacturer Code: PP7x14JPSN

About Manufacturer

In 1987, Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby. He sold one, made two more, and so on. This evolved into some of the finest handmade drums available today. To take snare drums one step further, he introduced solid (one piece), exotic wood stave and plate brass designs. Pork Pie has also introduced their Little Squealer and Hip Pig series of drums to round out the line.

Over the years, Pork Pie has become the place where a drummer can hot rod an existing kit with new bearing edges, refinishing, or design the kit of their dreams. Bill's signature is on the inside of every Pork Pie USA drum. This is his guarantee of quality. Pork Pie's goal is your total satisfaction.

This snare drum is a 8-ply American Walnut shell with faded finish. Pork Pie Percussion is known for superior bearing edges and unmatched quality. 2.3mm hoops, Pork Pie Hourglass lugs and Butt Plate, high quality snare wires and Remo USA heads create a superior instrument.

Technical Specifications

  • 8-Ply Walnut shell
  • Precision-cut, hand-sanded bearing edges
  • Pork Pie hourglass lugs
  • 2.3m flanged hoops
  • Remo USA Drumheads
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PP7X14-JPSN Walnut Fade

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