Dunlop Pedal Cry Baby Custom Badass Dual inductor Edition Wah

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Manufacturer: GCB65
This limited edition Cry Baby Wah brings together the two most iconic wah voices in history via the Halo™ Inductor and the red Fasel® Inductor for a broad and dynamic palette to expand your musical expression.


History behind the machine

The Cry Baby Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Edition Wah brings together the two most iconic Wah voices in history, offering a broad and dynamic palette for your musical expression.

Expressive & throaty: the Halo™ Inductor.

The Halo Inductor produces that soul-stirring tone made famous by British blues legends—a wide, highly expressive sweep and a throaty midrange hinting at feedback. Choose the Halo Inductor to add richness and punch to your lead tones.

Bright clarity & lush harmonics: the red Fasel® Inductor.

The sound of the Cry Baby Wah’s modern era, the red Fasel inductor serves up bright clarity and lush harmonics. Combined with the circuitry of the GCB95, this inductor allows you to kick it on at super high volumes without any unwanted squeal. When it’s time for high gain and big, crunchy chords, go with the red Fasel Inductor.

Critical Tuning Features & Capabilities:

  • Toggle between the two with the kick of a switch.Go back and forth between the Halo and Fasel Inductors at any time with the kickswitch conveniently located on the right side of the pedal.
  • Shape the sound of each inductor to meet the needs of any situation. Each inductor has its own toe-down frequency control, so you can balance them out or emphasize their natural qualities.
  • Turn the red Fasel Inductor’s clarity with smoother highs, dial back the toe-down frequency.
  • For an aggressive sound that cuts right through the mix, crank it up.
  • With the Halo Inductor you add extra definition, or you can luxuriate in its rich, dark subtlety.
  • Ability to Switch between guitars with different tonal profiles, then n use the toe-down frequency controls to maintain consistency.
  • Convenient LEDs show you when the pedal is engaged and which inductor you have selected.

Ride hard with stylish double tread.

The rocker features a custom double tread design that looks great and enhances your foot’s grip so that you can lean in to every note.

Two iconic Cry Baby voices. One pedal.

Why choose between the two ultimate expressions of Cry Baby Wah tone when you can have both in a single pedal? Get the Cry Baby Custom Badass™ Dual-Inductor Wah, and speak with the voices of legacy and innovation. Limited edition.

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