Soultone Cymbals VNT-CHN17, Vintage China 17"

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Soultone Cymbals VNT-CHN17, Vintage China 17"


Deeper lathing with extra hammering, and the SuperStroke™ finish produce a more traditional, "old school" sound.

    • The Vintage Series models feature tight and shallow lathing bands that are interspersed with a single spiralled deeper band that winds its way to the outer edge.

    • Weights are medium thin and the bells are modestly sized.

    • The finish is natural, but a subtle darkening process called SuperStroke has been applied. Its function is to increase dryness and with it definition.

    • The thinner weight and deeper lathing with extra hammering, and the SuperStroke finish produce a darker, more traditional sound. The Cymbals themselves are finished to a high standard.


    • Soultone cymbals are hand hammered in Turkey by gifted cymbal smiths with many years of knowledge in this ancient technique.
    • Simply the  best quality B20 bronze is used Every cymbal is thoroughly hand hammered and hand lathed to perfection. Soultone produces numerous different series, weights and sizes to satisfy every drummers playing and preference in tone and response.
    • Every cymbal goes through several stages throughout manufacturing to assure professional results and performance.


    • Soultone Vintage Cymbals offer a warm dry sound with smooth decay. Lighter weight makes them perfect for jazz, funk or pop.
    • All Soultone cymbals are entirely handmade each cymbal has it's own distinctive and tone qualities as the cymbal smiths own technique of hammering and lathing will come through in the completed cymbals and helps to create it's own personal sound.


    • Type - Vintage
    • Raw bell and raw edge
    • Bright and Dark with deep tone
    • Hand Hammered Cymbal
    • Sound Effect - China
    • Dimension -17 x 17 x 17 inches
    • Weight - 2.50 lbs

    AVAILABLE SIZES:  Any item can be ordered and shipped within 2-4 weeks in not in store.

    Type Size Available in Store
    Ride:  26", 24", 22", 21", 20
    Mega Bell Ride: 24", 22", 21", 20"
    Crash/Ride:  22"-16"
    Crash:  22", 21" 20", 19", 18", 17", 16", 15", 13"
    Splash: 12", 11", 10", 9", 8", 7", 6"
    Hi Hats: 16", 15", 14", 13", 12", 10"
    Wave High Hats
    16", 15", 14", 13"
    China 24", 22", 21", 20", 19", 18", 17", 16", 15", 14", 12", 10"


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