Monster® Prolink Rock, 600540-00, Instrument Cable - Straight to Straight Angle . 12 Feet

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Monster® Prolink Rock is a Pro Audio Instrument with a length of 12 ft. in black. It has an advanced coaxial design which preserves fast transients, clean highs and vivid harmonics.

SKU: 600540-00

The Patented multiple gauge wire networks enhance your guitar’s sonic bite, maximizing tone helping it through the mix. A dense shield rejects interference hum, heavy-duty 24K gold connectors increase conductivity resist corrosion.

With the power of top of the line technical engineering Monster's Prolink Rock cables can help enhance your sound to get the best quality of your style and equipment for that high octane sound you want to get out there. Designed with dense braided shield that minimizes interference and hum, carbon-Infused Polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise, 95% copper braided shield, and a Duraflex protective jacket you can be sure that not only will your music have the best quality it can have but it will also be highly reliable and durable wherever you take it.


Product Key Features

  • Signal Interference Shield - Made with 95% copper braided shield that reduces hum, feedback, and interference for crystal clear sound
  • Sound quality & Clarity - Microfiber dielectric and multi-gauge wire network increases transient response time and keeps clean highs and vivid harmonics
  • Speed Delivery not matter the length - Available in 8, 12, and 21 foot cable lengths with no distortion and loss of sound quality
  • Reliability & Durability with the Duraflex outer jacket, 95% copper shield, and right angle gold connectors offer quality and durability that can withstand repeated use
  • Connector Type: Right Angle to Straight
  • Length: 12 ft.
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty - Covered by Monster's 100% replacement guarantee


Technical Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Monster
Item SKU/Model Number 600540-00
UPC Code 741835112291
EAN EAN-13 0741835112291
Class M ROCK2-12 WW**
Length 12 Feet
Connector Type Straight to Straight
Usage/Devices Instrument Cables, Speakers
Plug 1/4” plugs
Colour Black
Package Dimensions  
Packaged Weight  1.1 KG
Origin Manufacture China

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