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Slingerland is an American drum kits brand, currently owned by Gibson. The brand is strongly related to jazz drummers, such as Gene Krupa[1] or Buddy Rich, who used to play signature instruments made by the company. Slingerland also produced electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins and banjos during the 1930s.




  • The shell is from a 1951 radio king student model, badge only used that year
  • The throw off is original 
  •  The lugs are originals
  • Snare wire is orginal
  • New Remo Head
  • Very Good Conition - Vintage
  • Brand: Slingerland/Radio King
  • Model: Player condition snare
  • Wood: Walnut
  • Year: 1951
  • Made In United States
  • Note: This snare is in greatcondition with no extra holes. Original hardware including lugs, 3 point strainer, single flanged hoops and clips. Note that 

    clips are from the 50s, so it’s advised not to tune the drum too tight.

Slingerland 5.5""x14" Walnut Snare 1951- Made in USA

  • Slingerland - Chicago/Michigan

    The "Slingerland Drum Company" was founded by Henry Heanon "H.H." Slingerland (1875–1946) in 1912. Slingerland had won a correspondence school of music in a card game aboard one of the gaming boats that once cruised Lake Michigan.[citation needed]. He then opened a music school in Chicago, and soon turned to manufacturing instruments as well. The company started out importing ukuleles from Germany, but set up its own production because it could not meet demand. Soon, they produced their own banjos and ukuleles and eventually,  guitars (including electric guitars from 1936 or earlier).

    Production of drums was started in 1927 in answer to the entry of the Ludwig & Ludwig drum company into the banjo market. The first Slingerland drum kits came out in 1928.


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