his DWCP3002 Double Kick Drum Pedal is packed with features like dual-chain turbo drive, bearing spring rocker assembly, 101 2-way beater, and heavy-duty all metal construction, with a price tag that's in reach for more drummers. DW believes that well made pedals shouldn't just be for the pros, but that they should be for all drummers.

101 2-way beaters
Industry-standard reversible beaters, with high-impact plastic and felt surfaces to cover a range of musical applications.

Dual-chain turbo drives
Chain-and-sprocket design with offset cams for quick response.

Single-post casting
DW's double pedal design provides ease of movement between the pedal and hi-hat, which allows the pedals to be played independently or simultaneously.

Steel base plates
Provide a sturdy foundation and insures nonskid play on carpet and other flooring surfaces via adjustable spikes and Velcro®.

Dual adjustable toe clamp
The dual adjustable toe clamp ensures the pedal and drum stay connected. Convenient clip with drum key also included.



  • Dual-chain Turbo drives
  • Bearing spring rocker assembly
  • 101 2-way beaters
  • Heavy-duty all metal construction
  • Single-post casting
  • Steel base plates
  • Includes drum key

DW 3000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

  • "This pedal is very clean and accurate. It responds very well and you can set the pedals very easily to a height and respond you like. The double chains on each pedal makes it feel more steady then the less expensive versions. Moreover, DW does a great job of making a solid double base pedal that doesn't feel sloppy or require must in terms of set up. The big flat base keeps the pedal in place. I use it with an electronic drum kit and I'm very happy with it."


    "Before I purchased these pedals, I made sure I tried out as many others as I could, including the other DW series. What can I say? These are solid, high quality pedals - and for the price, these are a steal. Of course, the 9000 series are the mercedes of bass drum pedals, so if you can afford the extra 300 bucks, go with those, but if not - I would take these over the 5000 series any days. Not to say the 5000's are bad, quite the contrary, but when I was in the music store, testing out the 5000 and 3000's side by side, the differences between the two were minimal - so if you're stuck between the two, save the extra bucks and get the 3000's. It's got that DW quality you expect...easy to use, built solid, and easily adjustable. As far as pedals go, stick with DW - and if you don't feel like going broke and getting the 9000's, the 3000's get the job done."



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