You can send us requests at and inquire about a specific product if you do not see it on our site. New products usually ship quarterly and monthly based on demand; however the next 12-18 months we cannot guarantee any dates and we are carefully selecting products based on material availability and costs.

If you see a product that you like on our site you can:
1) Reserve the item for up to 48 hours by calling us directly.
2) Drop by the store to pick up the item.
3) Request the item to be shipped to your destination.

However, we highly recommend that you drop by the store for items such as guitars and drums.

4) Request for private show - 1:1 appointment.

We make regular trips to Dhaka as we bring products to our professional community, we can bring specific items upon request. Please make the request ahead of time so we can plan ahead.

Due to production, parts and manufacturing delays we are unable to provide accurate dates related to incoming shipments and items.
• During “normal conditions” items are expected to stock within 4-6 weeks when shipping directly from Japan and China. Items shipping from Turkey can be within 4 weeks depending on production volume and requests. Items shipping from the US or EU remain are currently unpredictable.
• We closely monitor the "best sellers" to make sure we order and stock appropriate inventory.
• Going forward we will provide a newsletter on incoming products, allowing you to receive periodic notifications when items become physically available in the store.

We accept a return within 48 hours based on specific conditions: 1) the product is not working as expected 2) the product is not abused or damaged 3) the product is not dented or scratched.
We request that customers test the product before purchasing, on expensive items, Dogpatch Music will take pictures and sign-off on the quality of the product that you take with you or being delivered.

• We highly recommend that if an item is un-boxed, you open the item and test it while in the store, on site - together we can verify that nothing is damaged or malfunctioning with the item.
• We do private shipment to Dhaka, we can let you test, practice on guitars or even drums with our supervision..

We honor the Manufacturer’s Warranty:
• Tokai Guitars 5 year
• Acoustic Guitars from any manufacturer typically 1 year
• Soultone Cymbals 3 year
• Electronics, Amps, etc. 6 months.

Note: Proof of original purchase will be required. We will request additional information to inform the manufacturer, such as:
• Pictures, circumstances and detailed description on the item.
• Recurring description of a problem, substantiate with videos and recordings that can further explain the "buzz", "crack" or any other problem. Please help us identify the root cause.
• The above only applies if you did not make any crazy modifications to the products.

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