Dogpatch Music is dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of music and culture by providing diverse musical education programs to the public.

Our mission is to expand knowledge across all genres, including Western Classical, Middle Eastern, African, Bangla Classical, Folk, Rock, and Metal, through education programs for both young people and adults. We proudly partner with local music schools and community groups to achieve these goals.

What We Offer

At Dogpatch Music, we strive to support music educators in Chattogram and Dhaka, and we welcome new inquiries. Our long-term focus is to provide music schools and students with musical instruments at fair prices, along with full-service maintenance contracts for fixed durations, such as yearly renewable terms. Additionally, any student enrolled in a music school or program will receive discounts on our products with eligible proof of attendance. Our aim is to nurture the next generation of musicians and artists.


Our Services

We understand the challenges of music education, including finding qualified educators and practice rooms. However, we are committed to working within your program's budget to deliver tailored solutions that help you achieve your goals and grow each program. Our services include:
  • Selection and sourcing of instruments, gear, and technology based on your budget and student demographics.
  • Personalized, one-on-one service and maintenance for all equipment.
  • Provision of music tutorial and method books.
  • Access to a pool of professional teachers whom we recommend based on our expertise and experience.
Contact us today at (17) 32 959 934 for more information on our Music Education Programs. Let's work together to bring the joy of music education to students everywhere.