Small is beautiful

Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB12R delivers pure, vintage tube tone in a small format, low wattage combo providing classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume levels. From 15 watts to less than 1 watt the CUB12R delivers warm cleans to rich crunch, giving all the classic tones you need. Ideal for beginner or the more advanced player the CUB12R is great at home, on stage or in the studio. Great tube tone has never been more accessible.


  • Extension speaker socket

  • Item dimensions: 427mm x 435mm x 235mm (HWD)

  • Carton dimensions: 455mm x 475mm x 275mm (HWD)

  • Item weight: 11.50kg

Class AB


A Class AB power section is based on the notion that music is a waveform and linear in nature – i.e. you only get a +ve section followed by a -ve section, you never get a +ve & -ve occurring at the same time. In a Class AB amplifier, the input signal is split into the +ve and the -ve sides of the waveform and each respective part is sent to a separate tube or tubes and amplified accordingly

Select Power from 15 WATTS to less than 1 WATT

Allows you to drive the output stage of the amplifier harder at reduced output levels should you need to use the unit in situations where full volume is not appropriate.

12" HH Custom Driver

The 12” HH custom driver was designed specifically for HH and is optimised to match the output characteristics of the amplifier it is paired with. HH have a long and illustrious pedigree in loudspeaker design.

On Board Reverb

On-board studio quality reverb. Reverb gives you a sense of the space that you are in. A dry guitar signal can sound a little dull. Adding the right about of reverb provides the guitar signal with ambience and brings it to life.


FX Loop

FX loops are important as they allow you to add effects to the signal path in a specific place between the pre-amp and the output section on an amplifier. This is where FX loops are important as it allows you to put time-based FX after the distorted pre-amp section. For example, delayed distortion sounds different to distorted delay – try it.


Plug, Practice & Play

The LG12 guitar combo produces 12 watts and features a pre-amp with clean and crunch sounds, 3 band EQ and an AUX input - Great for practice! The LG12 is ideal for aspiring players taking their first steps towards stardom by rocking out in bedrooms all over the world. With a headphone socket and a mini-jack input for jamming along with and learning your favourite songs or lessons.


This socket allows you connect an external sound source of your choice and can be used for playing backing tracks into your unit. Please not the volume of music/backing track is controlled by the volume on the external sound source itself.


  • 1 x 6” full range drivers

  • Clean & Drive

  • CD Input Yes (Stereo jack)

  • Channels 1

  • Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 420 x 480 x 245

  • Drivers: 6.5 inch Custom Driver

  • Equalisation: Global Bass, Mid and Treble

  • Footswitch: No

  • FX Loop(s): No

  • Headphone Socket: Yes

  • Inputs: 1x Jack

  • Power: 12 Watts

  • Reverb: No

  • Scoop Switch: No

  • Speaker connections: No

  • Cabinet Design: Top mounted construction, black plastic corners, leather handle and rubber feet

  • Weight: 5.5 Kg Packed, 4.75 Kg Unit

  • Carton dimensions: 420mm x 480mm x 245mm (HWD)

  • Unit Dims - for int. case (HxWxD mm) 273 x 326 x 173