We trace our roots to the green hills and rice paddies of Chittagong with a  mission to serve and preserve our cultural heritage and Bangali language. Looking into the Past, Living the Present and Embracing the Future, we provide artists from East  Bengal/West Bengal  a platform and the tools they need to expand their musical talent, broaden their audience and be heard.

Patron of the Arts, Musicians, Mentors or Experimental Loners, all are Welcome!

Look for our repair services, customer care and  loyalty programs.


Mohammad Khan

Chief Operating Officer & Professional Sales  Owner


Angelique Y. Khan

Chief Financial Officer & Product Strategy. Owner


Wakil Isnad

Business Development &

Corporate Sales


Our Mission is to provide quality instruments from various global sources while introducing new instruments and brands to Musicians.

Our strategy is simple - sell genuine products to our customers along with honest advices without pressure to purchase. Our customers must feel good about their investment, to be enjoyed and usd for a long time. 


1. Family Owned Business - Brick & Mortar Retail Store. We own the facility, the land and the 4-walls which allows us to provide products at various price range. We are here to stay.

2. Long Term Strategy - Develop relationships with our customers, based on trust and product quality, provide repair and maintenance services. Be your trusted advisor and in return we will provide loyalty programs and discounts.

3. Introduce New Products & Brands - Today's supply chain is global and the well known brands have moved operations across several continents while keeping higher grade manufacture in the US, Japan, Germany or Taiwan. However 90% of products are manufactured in China, ranging from high quality to poor quality and knock-offs. We will be here to advise you.

Make your selection based on: a) Construction & Finish Quality of an instrument  b) Tone  c) Price. Think long term investment.


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Musical Instruments

Dogpatch Music


Dogpatch Music

Dhaka Point of Sale (POS)

 CTG Ship from Store

 Location:  Stay Tuned

Date:  Q4 2020

Corporate Accounts


  • Educational Institutions

  • Music Schools - Legally Registered

  • Hospitality-Events, Conferences

  • Business Events - Sales Training, etc.

  • Rentals/Sales/Repair Service Plans

 Our Flagship Store

Located at  9 -12 Rashik Hazari Lane

Chattogram, Bangladesh 4203

Across Parade Ground next to the  American Missionary Building

2021 Planned Inventory 

  • Variety of Guitar pedals and effects

  • Method Books - Drums, Guitars, Piano, Theory & CDs play along

  • Stage & Lighting 

  • MIDI Consoles

  • Content Creator  Equipment

  • Stage Gear

  • More Guitar Parts

  • More Drum Accessories

We will carefully source products based on your feedback, 

Please send requests to info@dogpatchmusic.com


Current Inventory


  • Acoustic-Small Body & Parlour Guitars

  • Acoustic/Electric - Jumbo, Cutaway, Gibson, Fender body

  • Electric - Strat .& Telecaster body, shredders

  • Bass - 5 strings 

  • Accessories - Guitar picks, Guitar Strings,Cleaning Products, Capos, Tool Kit, Guitar Straps, etc.


  •  Acoustic, Electric, Bass Amps for small venue and practice

Drums & Percussion

  • Drum Kit, Cymbals and Snare.

  • Drums Accessories - Pedals, Drumstick, Drum Microphone, drum tools

  • Drum Hardware/stands.